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  • GOOD NEWS! State Universities and Colleges (SUC) now offer free tuition starting this first semester of the 2017-2018 Academic Year. This includes our very own Nueva Vizcaya State University. Students who are determined to start studying and/or finish studying but have financial challenges may now pursue their dreams thru an accessible education program initiated by the current government.

FREE EDUCATION Online Applicants
2nd Semester, 2018-2019
No. Date Name Status
1 12/17/2018SORIA, VIMAR LAURIAGAFor Confirmation
2 12/17/2018GASMIN, GENESIS CELLARFor Confirmation
3 12/17/2018TABLAC, ROBELLE JARONELFor Confirmation
4 12/17/2018DUYAN, SHERLITA PULIDOFor Confirmation
5 12/17/2018PILOY, DARIA WAWESFor Confirmation
6 12/17/2018BANDAO, JOHN DOLF VILLAFor Confirmation
7 12/17/2018, BANTASANFor Confirmation
8 12/17/2018TULIAN, SHERWIN BUGTONGFor Confirmation
9 12/17/2018OMAS, RAMON III CATAWEFor Confirmation
10 12/17/2018POLIGSO, LILIBETH GUIEBFor Confirmation
11 12/17/2018BUNGIHAN, DEXTER-JOHN PUNNOFor Confirmation
12 12/17/2018MARIANO, JORU ANNE ORPIAFor Confirmation
13 12/17/2018ASIM, MILLER MAYAWINFor Confirmation
14 12/17/2018MATIDIO, JOGY BANGUNANFor Confirmation
15 12/17/2018WILLIAM, TENIO DULNUANFor Confirmation
16 12/17/2018MAXIMO, JANEN PORRASFor Confirmation
17 12/17/2018CABLINAN, IRENE BOBOLLAFor Confirmation
18 12/17/2018TULAC, DAVIE MAR BUMIDANGFor Confirmation
19 12/17/2018BUGNAY, JERIC NGITIGFor Confirmation
20 12/17/2018, ATTINANFor Confirmation
21 12/17/2018SUMAGPAO, JUN THOMAS SATURNIOFor Confirmation
22 12/17/2018KILYAWEN, PRINCES DIANE BUDASFor Confirmation
23 12/17/2018, VALINTINFor Confirmation
24 12/17/2018, SABILINGFor Confirmation
25 12/17/2018MARTINEZ, JOMARI LORENZOFor Confirmation
26 12/17/2018DAGUIO, PERFECTO JR DANIPUGFor Confirmation
27 12/17/2018MAIMBAN, ASTRID MAE MAGYANOFor Confirmation
28 12/17/2018AGGASNA, JOYLYN BANNAGFor Confirmation
29 12/17/2018ALANGWAWI, FEONNA MADDAWATFor Confirmation
30 12/17/2018KIMMAYONG, HELCY CALINGAYANFor Confirmation
31 12/17/2018LUNAG, BERNALYNE BAYUNGUBONGFor Confirmation
32 12/17/2018DALDE, ELA BORLAGDANFor Confirmation
33 12/17/2018BALONCIO, JENECEL MARAñOFor Confirmation
34 12/17/2018SADILI, RINA CORTEZFor Confirmation
35 12/17/2018RAFAEL GESIELYN FAE L., LINAGGAFor Confirmation
36 12/17/2018MAMARIL, GILBERT JAY GANADENFor Confirmation
37 12/17/2018LAYA, FERNANDO LLL NUNCIOFor Confirmation
38 12/17/2018CUMALDI, PAULA FAITH HUMIDINGFor Confirmation
39 12/17/2018TAYNAN, LEA BAOYFor Confirmation
40 12/17/2018ATINAN, GINA SAMUELFor Confirmation
41 12/17/2018ABAO, RODELIO ESPIRITUFor Confirmation
42 12/17/2018ANDAYA, JONATHAN GARCIAFor Confirmation
43 12/17/2018CATILOGO, ERICA JOY ALBERTOFor Confirmation
44 12/17/2018OTBON, ANGELO BIRCOFor Confirmation
45 12/17/2018PRADO, RODSHEENE C.For Confirmation
46 12/17/2018AFALLA, DANNA KATE DUCAYFor Confirmation
47 12/17/2018LIGWATAN, KAREN GRACE BINLINGANFor Confirmation
48 12/17/2018COVITA, LOVELY FAITH NUMBANALFor Confirmation
49 12/17/2018LUMAUIG, PEDRILYN SINACAYFor Confirmation
50 12/17/2018DELA FUENTE, JANE RACHEL HABILINGFor Confirmation
51 12/17/2018GALINGANA, JANRY TUBARANFor Confirmation
52 12/17/2018GALICIA, ERICKA MAE OSIASFor Confirmation
53 12/17/2018ALMENDRA, LARA AUBREY BASILIOFor Confirmation
54 12/17/2018JASMIN, JENNY ROSE COLLANTESFor Confirmation
55 12/17/2018CANAYAN, KAYCI BINWAGFor Confirmation
56 12/17/2018MENDOZA, CHARITY GRACE RAZONAFor Confirmation
57 12/17/2018BUGTONG, MELYN DOMINGOFor Confirmation
58 12/17/2018NGIPPOL, MARVIN VALERAFor Confirmation
59 12/17/2018TAYABAN, BOURNFREY AGNAHEFor Confirmation
60 12/17/2018GATCHALIAN, RONELYN RENOMERONFor Confirmation
61 12/17/2018PABLO, ANGEL MAY DELA ROSAFor Confirmation
62 12/17/2018VILLASANA, ETHEL BALTAZARFor Confirmation
63 12/17/2018PADILLA, JAILYN QUIZANOFor Confirmation
64 12/17/2018AGNAHE, JUNJUN BAGLAOFor Confirmation
65 12/17/2018DULNUAN, SHAWN NEILFor Confirmation
66 12/17/2018SANTIAGO, JONALYN BARTOLOMEFor Confirmation
67 12/16/2018DELA CRUZ, HANNA JOANNE TUPINGFor Confirmation
69 12/16/2018DELA CRUZ, BERNIE JR. DAGUNDONFor Confirmation
70 12/15/2018TOQUERO, RIZELLE FAYE JALLORINAFor Confirmation
71 12/15/2018UNTALAN, JULIUS PERALTAFor Confirmation
72 12/15/2018MELOCOTONES, HANNAH DOMINGOFor Confirmation
73 12/14/2018OJANO, FERNANDES ANCHETAFor Confirmation
74 12/14/2018CADANG, MARK JOSEPH PIOFor Confirmation
75 12/14/2018VALDEZ, RICKY GALLEMAFor Confirmation
76 12/14/2018GULLINGAY, MARK ALLEN GABITANOFor Confirmation
77 12/14/2018MARIANO, ZENERSON DE JESUSFor Confirmation
78 12/14/2018MANZANO, MARC PAUL JEZZ DELA CRUZFor Confirmation
79 12/14/2018BINANDO, CELO DAGOLFor Confirmation
80 12/14/2018TIAM, FRANK SHEEN ALLASFor Confirmation
81 12/14/2018PIYA-O, LOVELYN MONGIHOFor Confirmation
82 12/14/2018SERQUIñA, KATE LYKA VALDEZFor Confirmation
83 12/14/2018MORALES, JANCEN LOUIE MARTINFor Confirmation
84 12/14/2018ESPIRITU, PAMELA PASCUAFor Confirmation
85 12/14/2018DOMINGO, JOEY DIOZOFor Confirmation
86 12/14/2018DAPIG, PINTA KIPOTFor Confirmation
87 12/14/2018REYES, ALAINE BAYAWAFor Confirmation
88 12/14/2018CASTRO, JESSALYN DATARIOFor Confirmation
89 12/14/2018DELA CRUZ, MAUREEN ONTINAFor Confirmation
90 12/14/2018CARGANILLA, JONABELLE SORIANOFor Confirmation
91 12/14/2018BATTANG, KEROBINE BANDAOFor Confirmation
92 12/14/2018MARIANO, CRISTOPHER SUGUITANFor Confirmation
93 12/14/2018CATAP, JESSICA FAYE BACHINEFor Confirmation
94 12/14/2018AGUADA, AIVIELENE MAE LECHICAFor Confirmation
95 12/13/2018ANDRES, JOHN MICHAEL AGUILAFor Confirmation
96 12/13/2018NEPOMUCENO, GLEIZEL MAE CALLUENGFor Confirmation
97 12/13/2018SICUAN, SHERYN BALANGUEFor Confirmation
98 12/13/2018GALLEGO, MARK JASON FORMANISFor Confirmation
99 12/13/2018PRADO, ROXANNE JOY CABRERAFor Confirmation
100 12/13/2018MARQUEZ ORLAN-EMER DAYAG, DAYAGFor Confirmation
101 12/13/2018DE GUZMAN, RUTH ATTIWFor Confirmation
102 12/13/2018DOMINGUEZ, JAY RONY CAMTEFor Confirmation
103 12/13/2018BAYAUA, KIM JAY RIVERAFor Confirmation
104 12/13/2018TOQUERO, HERMINJOY BUMANGHATFor Confirmation
105 12/13/2018WILLY, JOY CADOYFor Confirmation
106 12/13/2018RUBANG, JESSICA NAVORFor Confirmation
107 12/13/2018TAGNIPEZ, JANA MAY VALLEJOSFor Confirmation
108 12/13/2018VIERNES, FEBELYN ESPADAFor Confirmation
109 12/13/2018ZABALA, JULIE BERT ESTEBANFor Confirmation
110 12/13/2018BARROZO, CHRISTINE JOY LAITANFor Confirmation
111 12/13/2018ANTONIO, APRIL KATE GUINUNGOFor Confirmation
112 12/13/2018TUAZON, ALIZA MAE ORTIZFor Confirmation
113 12/13/2018SIOCO, REJELYN MADETFor Confirmation
114 12/13/2018LUNA, JAYWON CUPAZFor Confirmation
115 12/13/2018BINWAG, JOVIE GUINIDFor Confirmation
116 12/13/2018MONTILLA, JOSEPH LIBANFor Confirmation
117 12/13/2018ALCESTO, JEROME NATIVIDADFor Confirmation
118 12/13/2018MATAGANAS, MARIONETTE SAN AGUSTINFor Confirmation
119 12/13/2018BANAO, AUREA BAOYFor Confirmation
120 12/13/2018RALLETA, JEFFERSON GODOYFor Confirmation
121 12/13/2018ANUDON, SHERYBELLE PIHULONFor Confirmation
122 12/13/2018GARCIA, RUTH MANANGANFor Confirmation
123 12/13/2018GASMIN, CHARITIE PARTIDOFor Confirmation
124 12/13/2018BAKYAWAN, GINA CUIDANFor Confirmation
125 12/13/2018GAJES, MARK JOSEPH BLANZAFor Confirmation
126 12/13/2018BUGTONG, SUSAN CALIAGFor Confirmation
127 12/13/2018ATTABAN, LOVELLA HAR-OPFor Confirmation
128 12/13/2018NIDEA, ZIPPORAH SARAI DOMINCELFor Confirmation
129 12/13/2018AGPALASIN, JOSHUA CASTILLOFor Confirmation
130 12/13/2018LUMAWIG, JOHN MARK PUCLALAYFor Confirmation
131 12/13/2018TOLENTINO, WENDEL UHUADFor Confirmation
132 12/13/2018CAPRICHO, PATRISH DULYOKFor Confirmation
133 12/13/2018BAUTISTA, DIVINE GRACE LARICANFor Confirmation
134 12/13/2018PUMIHIC, GRAIL BINLAYANFor Confirmation
135 12/13/2018NARCISO, JAYMAR GADIAZAFor Confirmation
136 12/13/2018CAJUCOM, KHRISTINE GABARDAFor Confirmation
137 12/13/2018OCASA, MERCY AMPAYFor Confirmation
138 12/13/2018BUTAG, RONEL UYAANFor Confirmation
139 12/12/2018FAJARDO, PENTELICUS IBAñEZFor Confirmation
140 12/12/2018BALUNSAT, CHRISTIAN JOSEPH SINAFor Confirmation
141 12/12/2018HONRALES, VINCE JERSHOME GALANZAFor Confirmation
142 12/12/2018VILLEGAS, MARY ANGELIE LEAñOFor Confirmation
143 12/12/2018NARVASA, JEFFELYN LUMIDAOFor Confirmation
144 12/12/2018PAULO, CHERRY ANN BATUNAFor Confirmation
145 12/12/2018GUYOD, ANNA MARIE JAVIERFor Confirmation
146 12/12/2018TUMAPANG, FIDEL LUKKINFor Confirmation
147 12/12/2018COLOBONG, NOEMI LAGUARDIAFor Confirmation
148 12/12/2018ANG-ANGAN, RONALYN DOMINGOFor Confirmation
149 12/12/2018DRIZA, MAY DIVINEFor Confirmation
150 12/12/2018GALUTERA, ELIZABETH ROSENAFor Confirmation
151 12/12/2018DELA CRUZ, KIMBERLY AIRRA NAVAFor Confirmation
152 12/12/2018CLEMENCIA, MYLENE SUBREPEñAFor Confirmation
153 12/12/2018CLARO, DENNIS MIGUELFor Confirmation
154 12/12/2018ZARATE, FERNANDO JR. OREGINESFor Confirmation
155 12/12/2018BALLATONG, ZAIRAH JANE BANDAOFor Confirmation
156 12/12/2018BUEN, MARIE PAZ ALELUYAFor Confirmation
157 12/12/2018GUIMBATAN, RHODALYN KINDIPANFor Confirmation
158 12/12/2018LAGAZO, ISRAEL MILLARESFor Confirmation
159 12/12/2018TAYABAN, MAUREEN AGNAHEFor Confirmation
160 12/12/2018BUNGHANOY, DANICA MAHINAYFor Confirmation
161 12/12/2018LUMIGAT, FLORIMAR BALOGFor Confirmation
162 12/12/2018FERRERA, JOEY BLANCOFor Confirmation
163 12/12/2018CATACUTAN, MARY JANE LABASINFor Confirmation
164 12/12/2018BAOY, EDNA MINTOFor Confirmation
165 12/12/2018NABUNAT, ROSCOE AYEONAFor Confirmation
166 12/12/2018MERLIN, SUNSHINE JOY BUHANGFor Confirmation
167 12/12/2018BERONILLA, MERGIE GRACE ACOSTAFor Confirmation
168 12/12/2018BACHILLER, EDISON ACPALFor Confirmation
169 12/12/2018GALANTA, JOVEN ORDONIAFor Confirmation
170 12/12/2018PARINGIT, RYAN MANGONDATOFor Confirmation
171 12/12/2018EMOCLING, LAILANI FE MACARAEGFor Confirmation
172 12/12/2018NAVAL, RAYMOND DALINGAYFor Confirmation
173 12/12/2018PADILLA, JOEL REYESFor Confirmation
174 12/12/2018TUBARAN, DANAMARI JAFNA MANZOLIMFor Confirmation
175 12/12/2018BARTOLOME, CHARLENE BINUMNGAFor Confirmation
176 12/12/2018BRACEROS, LARA MAE BACSAFor Confirmation
177 12/12/2018LADAONA, MARIET PAETFor Confirmation
178 12/12/2018GALVAN, MIL JEAN MARTINEZFor Confirmation
179 12/12/2018BANGILAN, JUDITH FOLIGFor Confirmation
180 12/12/2018HORE, JOVIE LHYNNE SANTOLLOFor Confirmation
181 12/12/2018MANZANO, GRACIANO III ESTEBANFor Confirmation
182 12/12/2018PINKIHAN, ERNZKINGBURG RAMOSFor Confirmation
183 12/12/2018ANCHETA, DANICA BAUTISTAFor Confirmation
184 12/12/2018SURAT, RAFFY PABIOFor Confirmation
185 12/12/2018HALL, SHAUN MARK MACOYFor Confirmation
186 12/12/2018BALECHA, EMELYN DAUZFor Confirmation
187 12/12/2018JIMENEZ, BEEJAY CRISOSTOMOFor Confirmation
188 12/12/2018LOGMAYO, MERCY PALONGYAFor Confirmation
189 12/12/2018AMTALAO, MICHELLE BALAGOTFor Confirmation
190 12/12/2018CABADING, ANGELA SAGUNFor Confirmation
191 12/12/2018BAY-AN, MARIAN PUDDUNANFor Confirmation
192 12/12/2018HERMOSO, ELOISA BALAJOFor Confirmation
193 12/12/2018RASPADO, JANJAY CALILITFor Confirmation
194 12/12/2018BAHATAN, FIDEL JACOBFor Confirmation
195 12/12/2018SARDON, JENNY LOU DOMINGOFor Confirmation
196 12/12/2018BAGLAN, MAY-AN PALICDONFor Confirmation
197 12/12/2018RONDOLOS, ARLAN ESTEVESFor Confirmation
198 12/11/2018BULLECER, JOLLYBETH VILORIAFor Confirmation
199 12/11/2018DUMALE, JOERILYN ANN GALIMAFor Confirmation
200 12/11/2018BALLESTEROS, JENY ANN CORPUZFor Confirmation
201 12/11/2018CLEMENTE, ESTHER GUZMANFor Confirmation
202 12/11/2018PATIL, RENE WAKATFor Confirmation
203 12/11/2018NOTO, JEY ANNE MAH-HIGFor Confirmation
204 12/11/2018BALACANAO, CHARILYN BALINTAGFor Confirmation
205 12/11/2018BAJA, ZEFHANIE JHOY BALASSUFor Confirmation
206 12/11/2018PARIñAS, CZARINA LOUELLE GONZALESFor Confirmation
207 12/11/2018DALOG, ROMEL GOFor Confirmation
208 12/11/2018RIVERA, REGINE IGNACIOFor Confirmation
209 12/11/2018YAGO, FLORENCE MENDOZAFor Confirmation
210 12/11/2018LARA, SUNSHINE GALABAYFor Confirmation
211 12/11/2018LACUMBA, REYNALDO BATTULONFor Confirmation
212 12/11/2018BENTICAN, LYDIA DEAN CALINGAYANFor Confirmation
213 12/11/2018MAMURIC, ORLYN CATHE ADRIATICOFor Confirmation
214 12/11/2018SANTIAGO, JON LARRY ARPONEDAFor Confirmation
215 12/11/2018ACOB, JOVIE LIZA IBARRAFor Confirmation
217 12/11/2018ADLAWAN, MELISSA DIONESFor Confirmation
218 12/11/2018ARROYO, LAURENCE MAE GUEMOFor Confirmation
219 12/11/2018SERQUIñA, PAULYN LAMADRIDFor Confirmation
220 12/11/2018BUSTAMANTE, DAINIELLE UMIPIGFor Confirmation
221 12/11/2018JALLORINA, JANICE AGUSTINFor Confirmation
223 12/11/2018MAMUGAY, MARIFEL DULZAFor Confirmation
224 12/11/2018ALACAR, JINKIE RIGATONFor Confirmation
225 12/11/2018QUENERY, ANN JOREYN PICIOFor Confirmation
226 12/11/2018PARDITO, MAX KEISON SANTIAGOFor Confirmation
227 12/11/2018CABRERA, JAMAE BACUDOFor Confirmation
228 12/11/2018REYES, RICHARD DELA CRUZFor Confirmation
229 12/11/2018AFALLA, PAULINE MARIE BENITOFor Confirmation
230 12/11/2018DELA CRUZ, CHARLIE SIMONFor Confirmation
231 12/11/2018MANUEL, GLADY LOU TICGUEFor Confirmation
232 12/11/2018HILYAWAN, JEREMIAH BUHENTEFor Confirmation
233 12/11/2018TABUCOL, JELAICA MAE LAWAYANFor Confirmation
234 12/11/2018AFALLA, RALPH DENVER PORTUGALIZAFor Confirmation
235 12/11/2018DIVINA, KAREN JOY MANZANOFor Confirmation
236 12/11/2018SANTIAGO, JOHN PAUL ESTEBANFor Confirmation
237 12/11/2018MACASU, BRYAN JAMES ARTAPFor Confirmation
238 12/11/2018DELA CRUZ, CHERRY RAMOSFor Confirmation
239 12/11/2018MEPUA, MARY ANN DAQUIOAGFor Confirmation
240 12/11/2018PEDRO, JOSHUA ISRAEL BAYLEFor Confirmation
241 12/11/2018DEPAYSO, GEMMA DOMINGUEZFor Confirmation
242 12/11/2018BONINA, REYNA DIANE SADORRAFor Confirmation
243 12/11/2018TEJADA, RIZZA GALAPONFor Confirmation
244 12/11/2018BAGAYAO, LANIE MAI FLORESFor Confirmation
245 12/11/2018UMAGUING, HERNANI KEVIN JR. ARAGONFor Confirmation
246 12/11/2018SALON, PRECIOUS MAE CAMARILLOFor Confirmation
247 12/11/2018MARTIN, CHARLO BACTOLFor Confirmation
248 12/11/2018PIDUT, CHRISTIAN GANTINAOFor Confirmation
249 12/11/2018VELASCO, JOELLY JEAN ANDRESFor Confirmation
250 12/11/2018FLORES, ALEXANDER SORTIDOFor Confirmation
251 12/11/2018MADLAO, JONATHAN INASFor Confirmation
252 12/11/2018VALDEZ, VIRGINIA UNTALANFor Confirmation
253 12/11/2018LUTO, LINO DANIEL INWAYFor Confirmation
254 12/11/2018BARCELO, BARREN MORADOSFor Confirmation
255 12/11/2018CAMANTILES, SAMMY SABONGANFor Confirmation
256 12/11/2018MELOCOTONES, GIANNE RITUMALTAFor Confirmation
257 12/11/2018APONGOL, JOYLYNE VALDEZFor Confirmation
258 12/11/2018SALVIEJO, RONIELYN KEY VILORIAFor Confirmation
259 12/11/2018RODUTA, SHIELAMAE RARAMAFor Confirmation
260 12/11/2018BULAHAO, MARIVIC DULNUANFor Confirmation
261 12/11/2018PIDAY, ANABEL IGNACIOFor Confirmation
262 12/11/2018ANTONIO, ALYANAH JEAN FLORESFor Confirmation
263 12/11/2018REYNO, ELYMER MIGUELFor Confirmation
264 12/11/2018ANGELES, JOY DEL VALLEFor Confirmation
265 12/11/2018GRACIANO, ANAFE GUNDAYAFor Confirmation
266 12/10/2018LOPEZ, MELODY BAHYONFor Confirmation
267 12/10/2018MAKIE, ANNIELYN TELINOFor Confirmation
268 12/10/2018BALICHA, KATE XYREENE WAISFor Confirmation
269 12/10/2018CIBRABORN, ARCHEL GURATFor Confirmation
270 12/10/2018TUBARAN, JOANNA MARIE TOLENTINOFor Confirmation
271 12/10/2018ABIERA, JONIALYN DUROFor Confirmation
272 12/10/2018BLAZA, BERNA CECILLE MADRIAGAFor Confirmation
273 12/10/2018BUADO, ARNEL NAVARROFor Confirmation
274 12/10/2018PASIGIAN, RHODORA FRANCISCOFor Confirmation
275 12/10/2018ROSETE, ALBERYL ANN CASTROFor Confirmation
276 12/10/2018VINLUAN, ZENNITH MORALESFor Confirmation
277 12/10/2018PALARUAN, ZERR GERON ATIVOFor Confirmation
278 12/10/2018CADIENTE, VON CARLO RABENAFor Confirmation
279 12/10/2018GANADEN, ERIKA JANE MARAMBAFor Confirmation
280 12/10/2018JULIO, DAISY VICTORFor Confirmation
281 12/10/2018ESTRADA, MARY GRACE SAGUNFor Confirmation
282 12/10/2018ANDRES, JUVY ACOMEFor Confirmation
283 12/10/2018AGSI, TREZIA MAE DOMINGUEZFor Confirmation
284 12/10/2018CORDERO, TRISHIA MAE SERRANOFor Confirmation
285 12/10/2018CRISOLOGO, JUDY ANN BERNARDINOFor Confirmation
286 12/10/2018BIGAO, MARY CHRIS TORRESFor Confirmation
287 12/10/2018BALANBAN, JOLLYBETH AHOYFor Confirmation
288 12/10/2018CALINGAYAN, LEAN JOY DACUSINFor Confirmation
289 12/10/2018CAOILI, AIDA SINACAYFor Confirmation
290 12/10/2018GASMEN, LIZEL KIT-ELFor Confirmation
291 12/10/2018SALUDARES, JELLY ANN JOSEFor Confirmation
292 12/10/2018CALLANGA, ALICIA SAMANTHA NABORFor Confirmation
293 12/10/2018GOHANGNA, AMIE MUGALFor Confirmation
294 12/10/2018GONZALES, REYCHELLE BULAOFor Confirmation
295 12/10/2018DUMAYAS, DIVINA CORPUZFor Confirmation
296 12/10/2018GUBAT, CHARMINE CASTILLAFor Confirmation
297 12/10/2018SEBBEY, CHERRYLEYN JUANFor Confirmation
298 12/10/2018CORPUZ, ALEGNA KAIL LAMPAFor Confirmation
299 12/10/2018DULNUAN, ROCEPHINE JOYCE PARILLAFor Confirmation
300 12/10/2018BAUTISTA, NAOMI FRANCES CANTILFor Confirmation
301 12/10/2018LALATA, AGNES VILLAREALFor Confirmation
302 12/10/2018CUAGDAN, MARJORIE BERNARDINOFor Confirmation
303 12/10/2018DAñGAN, JESSICA JANE PALMONESFor Confirmation
304 12/10/2018BAGAIN, EMERSON MONTEROFor Confirmation
305 12/10/2018CHILAGAN, GASMARY MAANAOFor Confirmation
306 12/10/2018MARIANO, MARIECEL DELLONAFor Confirmation
307 12/10/2018PADILLA, CHERRY MHAE EUGENIOFor Confirmation
308 12/10/2018DEGAMO, JOANA-MARI RAñAFor Confirmation
309 12/10/2018ANICAL, MARRIEL BARTOLFor Confirmation
310 12/10/2018VINLUAN, BLANCHE CAUTIBARFor Confirmation
311 12/10/2018DAIRO, MARK STEVE MANIPONFor Confirmation
312 12/10/2018ANG-ANGAN, PAMELA CLAIRE PASCUAFor Confirmation
313 12/10/2018CATAP, ANTONIO JR. ABATFor Confirmation
314 12/10/2018TAMBALING, JONALYN GALWANFor Confirmation
315 12/10/2018GALZOTE, DANIEL BONIFACIOFor Confirmation
316 12/10/2018LANTION, SONNY VENIDAFor Confirmation
317 12/10/2018VALDEZ, MARY ANN VALDEZFor Confirmation
318 12/10/2018CEROJALES, ALGER MOLAFor Confirmation
319 12/10/2018GUINGAYAN, MARJHUN FLORESFor Confirmation
320 12/10/2018GUARIN, MARJORIE MILLARESFor Confirmation
321 12/10/2018BIDANG, EMY GRACE MADIWOFor Confirmation
322 12/10/2018ACIO, KRIZZA MAY AGATEPFor Confirmation
323 12/10/2018DACANAY, GIAN WENDY MARZOFor Confirmation
324 12/10/2018ARIEM, MARJORIE ALINDADAFor Confirmation
325 12/10/2018HILARIO, PATRELLA CAY-OSFor Confirmation
326 12/10/2018AGDUYENG, KHRYSS MENDIZABALFor Confirmation
327 12/10/2018NAYUNA, DESIREE CLAIRE HONNAGFor Confirmation
328 12/10/2018SINAKAY, MELY PUGONGFor Confirmation
329 12/10/2018OSTINO, JUDY MINHIFor Confirmation
330 12/10/2018BINLAYAN, JOYCE UDUNAFor Confirmation
331 12/10/2018AFALLA, LADY MAY AGACERFor Confirmation
332 12/10/2018WAYA, MADLYN AGMALIWFor Confirmation
333 12/10/2018LABRAGUE, MART ANGELO CAYONGFor Confirmation
334 12/10/2018ALAMADA, SOHAYLAH REGAROFor Confirmation
335 12/10/2018PUMIHIC, JOLLY JEAN BINLAYANFor Confirmation
336 12/10/2018FABRO, JOHN RENZEL MARZANFor Confirmation
337 12/10/2018VISAYA, TWYNA MARYLOR RAMOSFor Confirmation
338 12/10/2018BELTRAN, FEMELYN DACUSINFor Confirmation
339 12/10/2018UHUAD, ANGELIKA JOYCE PUYATFor Confirmation
340 12/10/2018CABANGON, LARA MAE GALAPONFor Confirmation
341 12/10/2018PABIO, AIVY JANE ABADFor Confirmation
342 12/10/2018PUMAHING, ANDRIANAFor Confirmation
343 12/10/2018RAMOS, APRILYNE NICOLE PAITNAFor Confirmation
344 12/10/2018ANGEL, JESUSA CRISTOBALFor Confirmation
345 12/10/2018MELEGRITO, ROSEAN WELL RAMOSFor Confirmation
346 12/10/2018SECRETARIO, LOVELYN JOY ANDRESFor Confirmation
347 12/10/2018BLANCE, NERISSA LEI QUIDOQUEFor Confirmation
348 12/10/2018HERNANDEZ, PINKY PEARL GONZALESFor Confirmation
349 12/10/2018CAMPOSA, KRISTINE MAE VILLARINFor Confirmation
350 12/10/2018PANOL, MICAH TRICIA TABILFor Confirmation
351 12/10/2018MARIANO BLESSIE BETH PALERO, PALEROFor Confirmation
352 12/10/2018DURO, VAN ANGELO GAWANFor Confirmation
353 12/10/2018ABAYA, ANNA MARIE GANGANFor Confirmation
354 12/10/2018CORTEZ, ANA KRIZEL REYESFor Confirmation
355 12/10/2018BATO, LORAINE CABLINANFor Confirmation
356 12/10/2018MOLINA, SHENLEIGH MAE DELA-CRUZFor Confirmation
357 12/10/2018NAELGAS, ANNIE ROSE BALBERANFor Confirmation
358 12/10/2018ACOSTA, ERICA JANE NIMESFor Confirmation
359 12/10/2018PAJE, DANA ANGELA GARINGANFor Confirmation
360 12/10/2018TAYABAN, KEVIN DULNUANFor Confirmation
361 12/10/2018BALINGGAN, JONALYN LAOYANFor Confirmation
362 12/10/2018CABBAB, CARMINA BODAHFor Confirmation
363 12/10/2018CORDERO, JUVELYN BAUZELFor Confirmation
364 12/10/2018BALIDO, AUBREY UBANAFor Confirmation
365 12/10/2018ANTONIO, KRISTEL MAE MAYOFor Confirmation
366 12/10/2018ALBANO, PRINCESS MAE NARCISOFor Confirmation
367 12/10/2018UHUAD, ANGELIKA JOYCE PUYATFor Confirmation
368 12/10/2018SERQUIñA, RUBYLYN ANTONIOFor Confirmation
369 12/10/2018CAHINGON, MITCHIE DULNUANFor Confirmation
370 12/10/2018DULNUAN, CHARMAGNE FAITH DULNUANFor Confirmation
371 12/10/2018RUIZ, SHARMAINE PALACAYFor Confirmation
372 12/10/2018BAUTISTA, MARIA LOURDES IGNACIOFor Confirmation
373 12/10/2018ENGOSAN, MARY JANE BAY-ANFor Confirmation
374 12/10/2018CORPUZ, MICAH GERVACIOFor Confirmation
375 12/10/2018SALUDARES, FAYE RYZL BRIONESFor Confirmation
376 12/10/2018ESTEBAN, JOHN PAUL RAZONABLEFor Confirmation
377 12/10/2018VENTURA, JENI MARIE RAMOSFor Confirmation
378 12/10/2018TAYLAN, KHARE FHEL SALVADORFor Confirmation
379 12/10/2018FAJUTAGANA, JOHN PAUL BARWELOFor Confirmation
380 12/10/2018BARTOLOME, WAWIE MARQUEZFor Confirmation
381 12/10/2018DOMINGO, BLESSING SOLIVENFor Confirmation
382 12/10/2018WAHIWA, MARLO BAY-ANFor Confirmation
383 12/10/2018ANTONIO, CHARLENE KAYE COLISFor Confirmation
384 12/10/2018LINGLING, RAMON FRANCO ABBAGUFor Confirmation
385 12/10/2018BERMUDEZ, JOSHUA GABAFor Confirmation
386 12/10/2018DACUMOS, AIZA MAE FRIASFor Confirmation
387 12/10/2018OLLIER, SYRENE GADITFor Confirmation
388 12/10/2018LORENZO, ROLYN CAPSULAFor Confirmation
389 12/10/2018DELOS SANTOS, ELBERT KIM MANZANOFor Confirmation
390 12/10/2018BALAUAG, HAZEN QUEEN MANZANOFor Confirmation
391 12/10/2018CAANAWAN, JESSA BETH GERVACIOFor Confirmation
392 12/10/2018MOOMIN, NIHAYA ALAWIFor Confirmation
393 12/10/2018QUIMO, WARREN JOSEPH MEJESFor Confirmation
394 12/10/2018DULYOK, ZAIRA MAY DULNUANFor Confirmation
395 12/10/2018PURI, KRISTINE JOY LAZAROFor Confirmation
396 12/10/2018TERRE, ABEGAIL AFALLAFor Confirmation
397 12/10/2018CALAPIAO, JAIRUS BANUGANFor Confirmation
398 12/10/2018ABIJAY, JAYSON LAYCOFor Confirmation
399 12/10/2018GABARDA, CRISELLYN FUERTESFor Confirmation
400 12/10/2018MOLINA, JOMARIZ ESPERONFor Confirmation
401 12/10/2018MAMACLAY, WYSZ JERICHO PEREZFor Confirmation
402 12/10/2018PINGITON, APRINE GAYODFor Confirmation
403 12/10/2018BAJITA, ROGEMAR ANANAYOFor Confirmation
404 12/10/2018CHARASCHAS, JULIET BUGTONGFor Confirmation
405 12/10/2018CANTOR, JOY TELANFor Confirmation
406 12/10/2018ALTIZO, SHELLA MAY GANTALAFor Confirmation
407 12/10/2018GUYUDAN, ALICIA DUYAPATFor Confirmation
408 12/10/2018PEREZ, JONAFE FELIPEFor Confirmation
409 12/10/2018LIZARONDO, TRACY MAE PANGILINANFor Confirmation
410 12/10/2018INALDO, MARLIE CORALESFor Confirmation
411 12/10/2018GATCHALIAN, ALDWIN GUMILETFor Confirmation
412 12/10/2018DALYAGAN, SHIRLY APAYAOFor Confirmation
413 12/10/2018MACAYANAN, PRESLEY JOHN CAUILANFor Confirmation
414 12/10/2018LALATA, ANNABEL VILLAREALFor Confirmation
415 12/10/2018DOTON, JESSA TOCCADFor Confirmation
416 12/10/2018PETATE, JESSICA UBANDOFor Confirmation
417 12/10/2018SAMPAGA, NICO INALDOFor Confirmation
418 12/10/2018NICANO, JOY BINHAONFor Confirmation
419 12/10/2018DICLIHON, VINA GRACE BISTOLFor Confirmation
420 12/10/2018QUINTANA, FLORDELIZA QUIBRANTOFor Confirmation
421 12/10/2018PASCUAL, SHANEEYA FAYE AGCAOILIFor Confirmation
422 12/10/2018CABBIGAT, ROVERITA MAUGAOFor Confirmation
423 12/10/2018RUFINO, MONETH PAULOFor Confirmation
424 12/10/2018CALDITO, KENNETH CARL PASCUAFor Confirmation
425 12/10/2018NAVALTA, CZAR JUSTINE DACANAYFor Confirmation
426 12/10/2018ACOBA, FLOREE ANN GATCHALIANFor Confirmation
427 12/10/2018BAUTISTA, MARITES GONZAGAFor Confirmation
428 12/10/2018PASCUAL, LYDEL MARCOSFor Confirmation
429 12/10/2018SALVATERA, KRISTINE VALDEZFor Confirmation
430 12/10/2018CASTILLO, CAMILLE PABLICOFor Confirmation
431 12/10/2018SALVADOR, SHIELA MAY MONGGIHOFor Confirmation
432 12/10/2018BAJO, JOHN LEE SANCHEZFor Confirmation
433 12/10/2018SALAZAR, NHELMAR RALLETAFor Confirmation
434 12/10/2018JUAN, YESSAMIN GOROSPEFor Confirmation
435 12/10/2018UMAGUING, JELLY JANE BULANFor Confirmation
436 12/10/2018BULAN, RAQUEL OTICOFor Confirmation
437 12/10/2018AGINAO, ROBELYN ATTIWFor Confirmation
438 12/10/2018TOMAS, NICOL FRANZ DULNUANFor Confirmation
439 12/10/2018DOMINGUEZ, FERLYN UYA-ANFor Confirmation
440 12/10/2018SALAPAYNE, ROXAN QUIBLATFor Confirmation
441 12/10/2018MORALES, SANDY PACIFICARFor Confirmation
442 12/10/2018JARAMILLA, LATORATE PUGUONFor Confirmation
443 12/10/2018PINKIHAN, DARIZE JEAN BUHONGFor Confirmation
444 12/10/2018BENTILLO, JERALDINE RAMOSFor Confirmation
445 12/10/2018LANNU, SHERWIN LATTADFor Confirmation
446 12/10/2018KITANO, LEE ANNE LIBORIOFor Confirmation
447 12/10/2018SARANDI, EDEN KRIS DAN-OYAFor Confirmation
448 12/10/2018FERNANDO, REIZEL JANE DOMINGOFor Confirmation
449 12/10/2018CANLAS, DIVINA SAMARFor Confirmation
450 12/10/2018RIMAS, GHRYHN PAUL BAMBICOFor Confirmation
451 12/10/2018SOMERA, JESSA MAE NACESFor Confirmation
452 12/10/2018MIGUEL, JOANA MARIE ARGELFor Confirmation
453 12/10/2018IGNACIO, ANGELO RODRIGO BAPTISTAFor Confirmation
454 12/10/2018RAMOS, MARICRIS LLAGASFor Confirmation
455 12/10/2018PATUBO, JELLYRENE RODAFor Confirmation
456 12/10/2018TAN CHRISTOPHER, N/AFor Confirmation
457 12/10/2018RODRIGUEZ, CATHERINE MAE SIMBIFor Confirmation
458 12/10/2018CAMACHO, ANGELA CATAPFor Confirmation
459 12/10/2018GANO, RUTH LIBORIOFor Confirmation
460 12/10/2018JARAMILLA, R-LEY JOY SOTOFor Confirmation
461 12/10/2018GUMANGAN, VERNALIZA IGNACIOFor Confirmation
462 12/10/2018URBANO, JOSE JR. MANLICLICFor Confirmation
463 12/10/2018ASPREC, KLEIN MAE SANTOSFor Confirmation
464 12/09/2018AGSALDA, JIMSON JOHN GALVEZFor Confirmation
465 12/09/2018TOLENTINO, NAP GERALD GAMBOAFor Confirmation
466 12/08/2018AGUSEN, NEXXUS ARTHUR SANTOSFor Confirmation
467 12/07/2018ADVINCULA, BRIX LAGANASFor Confirmation
468 12/07/2018SUAREZ, AZENITH MANUELFor Confirmation
469 12/07/2018PALAGUD, JANICE BARCELONAFor Confirmation
470 12/07/2018CORTEZ, KRISTINE JOY ARIZFor Confirmation
472 12/07/2018LIPOR, ROJILYN MARZANFor Confirmation
473 12/07/2018MANAPOL, JOANNA MONGUIHOFor Confirmation
474 12/07/2018DOMINGO, ARCHIE PALADANFor Confirmation
475 12/07/2018PASTOR, JOHNMAR MAMALIGSAFor Confirmation
476 12/07/2018BERANG, HYDIE BUGTONGFor Confirmation
477 12/07/2018ACAIN, JAYSON MEDINAFor Confirmation
478 12/07/2018DULAGAN, JAYRELL GLISTEN DULAWANFor Confirmation
479 12/07/2018DELA CRUZ, JOJO MARTINEZFor Confirmation
480 12/07/2018LANTION, FERDINAND ANNIBAN JRFor Confirmation
481 12/07/2018MUNDO, TROY VELASCOFor Confirmation
482 12/07/2018PAGGI, MORRIS PATRICK DUMMANAOFor Confirmation
483 12/07/2018DULNUAN, JACKIELYN KIMMAYONGFor Confirmation
484 12/06/2018COLLADO, VAVIELOVE PUMIHICFor Confirmation