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  • GOOD NEWS! State Universities and Colleges (SUC) now offer free tuition starting this first semester of the 2017-2018 Academic Year. This includes our very own Nueva Vizcaya State University. Students who are determined to start studying and/or finish studying but have financial challenges may now pursue their dreams thru an accessible education program initiated by the current government.

FREE EDUCATION Online Applicants
1st Sem 2020 - 2021
No. Date Name Status
1 08/09/2020CABATU, ANNA CLAIRE ANGAWAFor Confirmation
2 08/09/2020ORTIZ, CLIFTON JAKE AGGALUTFor Confirmation
3 08/09/2020UYAMMI, JUDITH GOHANGNAFor Confirmation
4 08/09/2020LAYNO, ROGER EDUARTEFor Confirmation
5 08/09/2020RAGASA, CRISTINA MAE BUSTOFor Confirmation
6 08/09/2020TUMIGING, JUVY ANNE PACALSOFor Confirmation
7 08/09/2020OMANITO, NIMPHA BACUDFor Confirmation
8 08/09/2020YANGO, KRIZIA CLARIZ COLLADOFor Confirmation
9 08/09/2020ERUELA, NEDIE DEMODOFor Confirmation
10 08/09/2020ICO, FRANCEZ JENNIFER LELINAFor Confirmation
11 08/09/2020PEÑAMORA, REGILYN LEDESMAFor Confirmation
12 08/09/2020PASCUA, JOMELYN CABURIANFor Confirmation
13 08/09/2020BAUTISTA, JOAN BINAY-ANFor Confirmation
14 08/09/2020RECAMARA, MHEZIAH KAYE NORBERTEFor Confirmation
15 08/09/2020NARCISO, JONELLE GADIAZAFor Confirmation
16 08/09/2020GALAPON, SHELA MAE BARONIAFor Confirmation
17 08/09/2020ARQUERO, ROANNE MAYE OLIGARIOFor Confirmation
18 08/09/2020GUILLERMO, MARK DAVE BARTOLOMEFor Confirmation
19 08/09/2020AMPAT, CHARLYN MAE MERAFor Confirmation
20 08/09/2020SABLAYA, ROME DELL MARTINEZFor Confirmation
21 08/09/2020TADENA, NICKOLAI BJORN LUCLUCANFor Confirmation
22 08/09/2020LIGON, ADRIANE MAY CABLAYANFor Confirmation
23 08/09/2020MAGDALUYO, EDMHAR GACUSANFor Confirmation
24 08/09/2020AU, TRISTA JANELLE GURATFor Confirmation
25 08/09/2020HERRERA, SHAINE MAYCAH GAUUANFor Confirmation
26 08/09/2020SALINGBAY, MIDGIE BUMANGHATFor Confirmation
27 08/09/2020EBENGA, CAROL GUMIADFor Confirmation
28 08/09/2020DOMINGO, MARIZ TIFFANY AGUSTINFor Confirmation
29 08/09/2020LIMOS, JEFFERSON MGAFor Confirmation
30 08/09/2020TOBIAS, SCHNAMEY MARIANOFor Confirmation
31 08/09/2020PASCUAL, JEGGER PAYONGAYONGFor Confirmation
32 08/09/2020ANDAYA, JONATHAN GARCIAFor Confirmation
33 08/09/2020MOLINA, CHRYZLER JELOME SAGABAENFor Confirmation
34 08/09/2020DAPIG, VENUS BUAKENFor Confirmation
35 08/09/2020ALMERON, CRYSTAL FAYE ACOBFor Confirmation
36 08/09/2020BUNHI, JULIE TALUPAFor Confirmation
37 08/09/2020ANDES, JONIANA MARRIE GURONFor Confirmation
38 08/09/2020ACOBA, JESSA MAE FLORENDOFor Confirmation
39 08/09/2020BOMBALES, JENNIFER 1RODOLFOFor Confirmation
40 08/09/2020CABANTING, JOHN ROFER GARCIAFor Confirmation
41 08/09/2020DOMINGO, BRYAN GRAPIZAFor Confirmation
42 08/09/2020PUWOC, DENVER JAY DULYOKFor Confirmation
43 08/09/2020TELA, ZARAH PERL URBANFor Confirmation
44 08/09/2020ARBOLLENTE, CHRISTIAN JAY MARIANOFor Confirmation
45 08/09/2020UMANGAL, JAYFORD PAIRATFor Confirmation
46 08/09/2020CABLINAN, IRENE BOBOLLAFor Confirmation
47 08/09/2020QUIPO, BRYAN BILLEDOFor Confirmation
48 08/09/2020RAMOS, JERICA DE VERAFor Confirmation
49 08/09/2020BAPTISTA, LEVI COLLADOFor Confirmation
50 08/09/2020LUCAS, PHILIP JOSHUA DELA FUENTEFor Confirmation
51 08/09/2020SUMACAY, ANGELINA ESTIGOFor Confirmation
52 08/09/2020BUADO, JOHN PAUL ROMEO III ARCIAGAFor Confirmation
53 08/09/2020CABAR, JEMMALYN VALDEZFor Confirmation
54 08/09/2020HERNANDEZ, PIOLO GONZALESFor Confirmation
55 08/09/2020VALDEZ, MAUREEN FE VACAROFor Confirmation
56 08/09/2020ALCANTARA, AGUSTINA LORENZOFor Confirmation
57 08/09/2020LAGO, JOLI ANN PUGONGFor Confirmation
58 08/09/2020KIMMAYONG, JIEZEL MOLINAFor Confirmation
59 08/09/2020CATIIS, FREDERICK DUNGYAHONFor Confirmation
60 08/09/2020DE GUZMAN, DELILAH PADILLAFor Confirmation
61 08/09/2020COVITA, JALOUX AUDREY MOISESFor Confirmation
62 08/09/2020TONGSON, SHAIRA MAE PACISFor Confirmation
63 08/09/2020BUMATAY, LORAINE GEL LOñEZFor Confirmation
64 08/09/2020SAGUIPED, VANESSA MAE TUQUILARFor Confirmation
65 08/09/2020DOMINGO, LUREN JAMLY GATCHALIANFor Confirmation
66 08/09/2020PADI, JAMAICA JOY TUMITITFor Confirmation
67 08/09/2020RAMOS, DOMINIC MANALIGODFor Confirmation
68 08/09/2020DESUYO, OMAR ESPEñAFor Confirmation
69 08/09/2020OSALLA, NEIL NOEL CLYDE DELOS SANTOSFor Confirmation
70 08/09/2020LAUD, VEANNE STAR ESTARIJAFor Confirmation
71 08/09/2020CADANO, ANGELICA MEI SANTIAGOFor Confirmation
72 08/09/2020MANANTAN, CYLENE GRAILFor Confirmation
73 08/09/2020TACANG, ROGELIO JR. CASTILLEJOSFor Confirmation
74 08/09/2020ABAD, JOANA MAE JARONELFor Confirmation
75 08/09/2020MACALSO, JOSEPHINE CAPSULAFor Confirmation
76 08/09/2020PASIGIAN, KENNETH NARD MIGUELFor Confirmation
77 08/09/2020ZAMORA, MARIELLE MAE GALAMAYFor Confirmation
78 08/09/2020OLIVER, LOTCHINE BAGAYFor Confirmation
79 08/09/2020BAUTISTA, CHERRY MAE TOMASFor Confirmation
80 08/09/2020MARIANO, JORU ANNE ORPIAFor Confirmation
81 08/09/2020CACHOLA, KATRINA LEI SALVADORFor Confirmation
82 08/09/2020QUILLON, KENNETH RAYNE BACCAYFor Confirmation
83 08/09/2020DELA CRUZ, XIANNAH LOPEZFor Confirmation
84 08/09/2020MAGDARAOG, ELAINE MAY DELA CRUZFor Confirmation
85 08/09/2020CABANLONG, AKIMA YVETTE RAMELFor Confirmation
86 08/09/2020HILARIO, MARIANNE LANDICHOFor Confirmation
87 08/09/2020VALENZUELA, MICHAEL MINAFor Confirmation
88 08/09/2020DE LEON, RIO LEXI VALDEZFor Confirmation
89 08/09/2020BAYAONA, AIRIES EWANGANFor Confirmation
90 08/09/2020BERGADO, JUSTINE BASIL BEGANIAFor Confirmation
91 08/09/2020TUMACDER, DANICA HANNAH MAE LAGUITFor Confirmation
92 08/09/2020NIWANNE, CHRYSLER VON TAKINANFor Confirmation
93 08/09/2020BARCELO, WISLLY MORADOSFor Confirmation
94 08/09/2020RASILES, GAYLEE FLYNN DANGPALFor Confirmation
95 08/09/2020CATILOGO, ERICA JOY ALBERTOFor Confirmation
96 08/09/2020LINGUES, JULIET ADRIANOFor Confirmation
97 08/09/2020NABEJET, JON-JON DACMAYFor Confirmation
98 08/09/2020LUCENA, RAMEL GONZALESFor Confirmation
99 08/09/2020BARCELO, BARBY MORADOSFor Confirmation
100 08/09/2020TAYAMIN, RAZELLE JOY CACAYANFor Confirmation
101 08/09/2020CARIñO, SUNSHINE BALANGUEFor Confirmation
102 08/09/2020ALMENDRA, LARA AUBREY BASILIOFor Confirmation
103 08/09/2020TOLENTINO, AIZEN YACAPINFor Confirmation
104 08/09/2020FINOTTON, CHRISLEE BUNAGANFor Confirmation
105 08/09/2020MANUEL, KURT VERGEL LUMAWIGFor Confirmation
106 08/09/2020DACUMOS, KLARIZZE ANN VILORIAFor Confirmation
107 08/09/2020JASMIN, JENNY ROSE COLLANTESFor Confirmation
108 08/09/2020PAMATIAN, MARIELLE NAVARROFor Confirmation
109 08/09/2020OBRA, PAMELA JOYCE YAMBOTFor Confirmation
110 08/09/2020TOLENTINO, SEBBEY ANGELIKAFor Confirmation
111 08/09/2020DULAGAN, JAYRELL GLISTEN DULAWANFor Confirmation
112 08/09/2020ALCIERA, ABDULL F.For Confirmation
113 08/09/2020ATTEO, KAREN DE GUZMANFor Confirmation
114 08/09/2020PATUBO, JELLYRENE RODAFor Confirmation
115 08/09/2020BELINGON, RODALYN MUSAMOSFor Confirmation
116 08/09/2020DESCARGAR, MARIA ELENA BORJAFor Confirmation
117 08/09/2020DULNUAN, JOTHAM ANGGABANFor Confirmation
118 08/09/2020BARRUGA, EDGAR JOSEPH RETURBANFor Confirmation
119 08/09/2020CARBONEL, RACHELLEN NEL PERALTAFor Confirmation
120 08/09/2020MADDAWAT, GERRY PINKIHANFor Confirmation
121 08/09/2020MILLO, SUZETH PERILLOFor Confirmation
122 08/09/2020REYES, JEEN ANN FRAGATAFor Confirmation
123 08/09/2020REYES, JOUCEL ANN FRAGATAFor Confirmation
124 08/09/2020BISQUERA, CLOE MAE DANGILANFor Confirmation
125 08/09/2020CALPO, PAOLO JUMAR CADIMASFor Confirmation
126 08/09/2020PALLAYA, MARIAN KHATE DIAMAFor Confirmation
127 08/09/2020REGASPI, EDEL JOHN RAMOSFor Confirmation
128 08/09/2020COPIS, JONARIA PASIGIANFor Confirmation
129 08/09/2020TUBARAN, JENNY GALAMAYFor Confirmation
130 08/09/2020SENICA, FERNANDO PASCUALFor Confirmation
131 08/09/2020DOMINGO, JESSALYN BARSICULAFor Confirmation
132 08/09/2020CAGUIOA, ELMON ADUCAFor Confirmation
133 08/09/2020PASCUAL, NOLIE DECANOFor Confirmation
134 08/09/2020NAPADAWAN, VEA BITOGFor Confirmation
135 08/09/2020ANUMA, LIZETTE JOYCE CARLOSFor Confirmation
136 08/09/2020FONTANILLA, DANICA MACAMFor Confirmation
137 08/09/2020BARCELO, FRANKLIN FRANCISCOFor Confirmation
138 08/09/2020LEJAO, FRITZIE COLEEN CASIRAYAFor Confirmation
139 08/09/2020AGGALUT, ETHEL MAE UBASFor Confirmation
140 08/09/2020YAGONDA, SHAIRA BANGOFor Confirmation
141 08/09/2020SEBASTIAN, ALLYZSA VIENNE DEGAMOFor Confirmation